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    In 1965, at the end of the northern runway adjacent to the present base of the Royal Thai Air Force, which was then a barren paddy field, was utilized as the American Trap Shooting Ground by the American Soldier Club and the shooting equipment for practice i.e. firearms and targets was provided by Winchester Co. Ltd. This shooting ground was deserted in 1967 and, as a result, the shooting equipment was left unattended. Thus, Mr.Boon-aek Dejthamrong, one of the Association founding members, invited the clay shooters at that time to use the equipment for their practices. Having an intention to promote clay shooting sports in Thailand to reach international standards, Mr. Khong Wisutharom, who was the Director of Sports Authority of Thailand in those days, allocated a piece of land in the Hua Mark Sports Complex as a shooting ground. (It is where the present Association is located). In October 1967, the committee, under the leadership of the president, Pol.Gen. Luang Chart Trakarnkosol, applied for a registration as an Association under the name “Skeet & Trap Shooting Association of Thailand”.

    After the Association registration was granted, the committee agreed that the American Trap Shooting standards were not accepted as international standards for competitions. Therefore, the committee sent a letter to Mr. Chalok Komalakul, who was then the Secretary General of National Olympic Committee of Thailand, requesting his support for the “Skeet & Trap Shooting Association” to become a member of International Shooting Union (I.S.U.). or in French “UNION INTERNATIONALE DE TIR (U.I.T). The name was changed once again to be in line with its global responsibility regarding shooting sports, and the present name is “INTERNATIONAL SHOOTING SPORT FEDERATION (I.S.S.F.). As a member of I.S.S.F., the Skeet & Trap Shooting Association promptly adopts all the Skeet and Trap rules and regulations to create the international standards in shooting sports in Thailand. At present, there are many types of clay shootings, including the new “Double Trap event”. Regarding shooting competitions, unlike the old routines, at present the male and female shooters are to contest in separate groups.

Club Founder

1 Mr. Chamnong Bhirombhakdi
2 Pol.Gen. Luangchattrakarnkosol (Jeam Limpichart)
3 Mr. Pavitr Gajaseni
4 Mr. Siri Vichitranont
5 Mr. Fred Hoffman
6 Mr. Suvit Nana
7 Mr. Boon-aek Dejthumrong
8 Mr. Chairurk Tansakul
9 Mr. Boonying Nandabhiwat
10 Mr. Nawrat Susungkarn
11 Dr. Tipp Mongkolluksana
12 Mr. Boonkua Lourvanij
13 Capt. Kritsada Arunvong Na Ayutthaya
14 Mr. Somphot Piyaoui
15 Pol. Col. Koson Limpichart
16 Mr. Tongbai Junsama

Objectives of “Skeet & Trap Shooting Association of Thailand”

    • To promote publicize and clay shooting sports using the I.S.S.F. standards
    • To reduce animal hunting
    • To become a resource and information center for local and international clay shooting sports
    • To be a practice center to produce highly qualified clay shooters as national representatives for international competitions

Responsibilities and Scopes of Work

    • To organize competitions as assigned Thailand Olympic Committee i.e. S.E.A. Games, Asian Games etc.
    • To host international competitions as Asian Shotgun, Asian Clay Shooting Championships, SEASA etc.
    • To screen, select and prepare teams of clay shooters for local and international competitions
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Calendar of Events

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