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     Olympic trap is one of the ISSF shooting events. The shooters shoot in turn from 5 designated shooting stations set 15m back from the front edge of the bunker roof and about 3 meters apart. Targets are released from an underground bunker, which has 15 trap machines in a straight line below ground level, set to throw targets at various heights, angles and speeds, away from the shooter.The shooter does not know from which trap the target will be thrown, one straightaway, two left and two right angle. In the qualification stage 2 shots are permitted at each target. Scoring is done of the basis of 1 point per target killed, regardless of whether this is achieved with the first or with the second barrel unless it is a final where the top 6 scores shoot off as a single barrel.

The process of a round is as follows: There are six shooters, one to each station, with the sixth shooter initially starting at a holding station immediately behind shooter number one. Upon receiving the start signal, the first shooter has 10 seconds to call for his target. After firing at his target, the first shooter waits for the second shooter to complete firing, then moves to station two, with the shooter on station six smoothly moving to station one. This procedure continues through the squad until the completion of the round.

The guns may be loaded—but open-actioned—between stations 1 through 5. The gun must be unloaded and open in the walk from station five back to one. The unloading must be done BEFORE the shooter makes the turn to step off station five.



Playing the game

  1. The shooters shoot in turn from 5 designated shooting stations.
  2. In one round consists of 25 targets of each shooter.
  3. In the qualification stage 2 shots are permitted at each target
  4. Shooters divided in 6-shooters squad, fire 5 qualification rounds of 25 targets each or 125 targets.
  5. The six shooters with the highest qualification scores enter the Final and shall shoot 25 targets each and only one shot is permitted at each target.
  6. The shooter who has the highest in the total of the qualification and final scores shall be an individual winner.
  7. The total of 5 qualification scores of each team shall be the team winner.(Team consist of 3 shooters)


* In International competitions the course of fire is 125 shots for men and 75 shots for women.



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