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     Double Trap uses the same shooting range layout as Olympic Trap but shooters shoot at two targets which are simultaneously thrown in the air. Targets will release in couples ( the doubles) in front of stand 3. Shooters move through a series of five adjacent shooting stations, shooting at one pair of targets at each shooting station.

     Targets have 3 angles, 0 degree, 5 degree to left and 5 degree to the right. Target sequences of the Olympic Target Shooting disciplines are called scheme or program. Shooters shall run over 3 schemes. Scheme A (25pairs), left and middle, scheme B (25 pairs), middle and right and scheme C (25 pairs) left and middle. Shooters need to shoot all three schemes and the six shooters with the highest qualify scores will enter the final. The final round will be using scheme C.

     Men shooters shall shoot 25 pairs or 50 targets and 3 schemes. And the six highest scores shooters shall enter the fianl round. Women shooters shall shoot 20 pairs or 40 targets and 3 schemes without the final round.


Playing the game 

  1. One round consists of 50 targets.
  2. Shooters shoot at simutanous pairs and one shot is taken at each target.
  3. Each shooter have to shoot 3 scheme or 150 targets.
  4. The six highest qualify scores plus the final round will be the winner.
  5. Team will score by the total of three qualifly scores. ( one team consists of three shooters).



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